Fascinating Wide Lot Residence for Private Party

Having a small island for yourself can be used to build a wide lot residence where you can build the greatest residence with everything you want to put in the residence. You can also have your own private party with family and friends in the island. Hamed Rodriguez has successfully built the Island Residence that may be the most luxurious residence you have ever seen so far.

wide lot residence
Beautiful Backyard Landscape with Swimming Pool Decor with Waterfall and Fountain at Island Residence Surrounded by Green Lawn

The wide lot residence ideas changed the island to a land of a huge residence that uses the combination of wood and concrete wall. You can swim in the swimming pool placed in the backyard that has a falling side that throws the water into a small pond around the pool. Near the pool, you can relax in an open hallway with wooden chairs and table and also some day beds to enjoy the sunlight. There is also a very long wooden table used for dining, designed for more than fourteen people. On the outside, you can also enjoy the beautifully arranged garden.

wide lot residence
Contemporary Swimming Pool Design at Backyard with Outdoor Spa Tub and False Waterfall Make Beauty Island Residence

The huge living room uses a set of white couch with small round wooden table. The stairs used are made from wood and glass railings. The bathroom consists of a large white bathtub with two wooden cabinets and two large mirrors. There is also a family room with two oversized white couches and a glass table that uses glass wall and doors to enjoy the view outside and also to let the natural light comes in.

wide lot residence
Fancy Tropical Living Room Design with White Fabric Sofa and Glass Top Coffee Table and Cream Carpet Island Residence

Though it will be very great to have this kind of residence, you have to think about some disadvantages that also come along. First, you need a large amount of money to build this residence. Second, you will need housemaids to clean all parts of the house. The large cost to reach the island is also another wide lot residence disadvantage that you have to really think about before you decide to build this residence.

wide lot residence
Beautiful Swimming Pool at Dusk with Sculptures Surrounded by Lush Vegetations Lightened by Underwater Lighting at Island Residence
Chic Modern Bathroom Design Use White Porcelain Bath Tub and Marble Vanity Design Frameless Wall Mirror in Island Residence
Cozy Modern Living Room Decor by White Fabric Sofa and Wooden Coffee Table with Floating Staircase in Island Residence
Awesome Patio Design with White Pillars and Wooden Ceiling at Island Residence Showing Natural Oak Long Dining Table Design
wide lot residence
Contemporary Swimming Pool Design at Backyard with Outdoor Spa Tub and False Waterfall Make Beauty Island Residence
Fascinating Island Residence Design Exterior with Outdoor Staircase and Wooden Balustrade Decorated by Wooden Blinds
Stunning Tropical Bathroom Design with Screened Shower and Decorated with Unique Concrete Sink and Elephant’s Head
Striking Landscape View with Stone Pavings and Wooden Garage and Shed Door Surrounded by Green Vegetations at Island Residence
Striking Contemporary Entry Design at Island Residence with Suspended Porch Design Surrounded by Lush Vegetations
Sleek Tropical Living Room Decor with Fancy Floating Staircase Use Glass Balustrade and Wicker Like Wall in Island Residence
Exquisite Landscape View with Green Lawn and Stone Pavings Ideas Decorated with Fancy Modern Garden Lamp at Island Residence
Modern Garage and Shed with Wooden Door at Island Residence Exterior with Stone Pavings and Outdoor Staircase
wide lot residence
Gorgeous Island Residence Landscape View with Palms and Green Lawn Decorated with Stone Pavings and Outdoor Floor Lamps
wide lot residence
Exciting Details Swimming Pool Creating False Waterfall at Island Residence Backyard Showing Great Modern House Architecture

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