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kitchen island

Kitchen island is a special piece of furniture, mostly located in the middle of the space, separate from the set. It is used for cooking or eating. This design is convenient in that it can be approached from all sides, having everything you need at hand. 

Island design has an optimal size of 180×90 centimeters and is characterized by the height of 80-90 centimeters. For comfortable movement, the distance from the kitchen to the island, should be at least 120 centimeters. Above the module with a built-in cooktop install a powerful hood with lighting. A very interesting design element is the mensola, which provides a convenient placement of various kitchen utensils.


This design requires a sufficient amount of free space, so the kitchen is often combined with the living room. It is especially convenient to use an island in the kitchen with dimensions not less than 16 square meters. For a large kitchen 20 square meters in an apartment in the elite development, choose voluminous models more than 2 meters in length.

In a small space, it is possible to install a compact island, taking into account not only aesthetic, but also practical and safe components. With a competent layout of the kitchen 12 square meters, the island element should be located from the walls at a distance of 1 meter, and from the dining area at 1.4 meters. Such a scheme will ensure easy and free movement in the space and build a proper working triangle.

Kitchen island with dining table

Quite often the island element includes a dining area, uniting the space and giving the room an original and unusual appearance. The design can be equipped with both a stationary and a pull-out or retractable table. The most standard variety is a large model of rectangular shape. 

Chairs for the island should be simultaneously distinguished by convenience, functionality, as well as harmoniously complement the interior composition. Especially popular are considered high stools.

The island with a sink

This move is very useful in the planning of kitchen space and allows you to save additional space. In case the design is used as a working surface, the sink becomes a necessary element.

kitchen island

Kitchen island with a bar counter

The combined bar counter is an extension of the countertop or a small prominent elevation with a drop. The counter is also supplemented with various accessories, in the form of shelves for bottles and fruit, hanging glass holders, napkin holders and other useful details.

An island with a sofa

One side of the island cabinet can be combined with the back of the sofa, in front of which a traditional table is set.

Kitchen island with storage system

Such a model is very convenient. Pull-out cabinets are filled with boxes of cereals, and the cabinets are filled with culinary literature and other things. Open shelves are decorated with various decor in the form of stones, vases or potted plants.

Ideas with a cooktop

The design with a hob is characterized by a stylish and modern look. Thanks to this option provides a comfortable switch from cooking to eating and vice versa. An island with a cooktop needs plenty of accessories in the form of oven mitts, pans, pots and other necessary parts. 

Work area.

It is considered a classic option, which has a complex technological form. The island element is filled with various cooking equipment, such as a sink, hob, frying surface or oven. A large design can be fitted with a dishwasher. The cooking surface is made of durable and resistant material.

Mobile island on wheels

Quite a functional item that, if necessary, can be moved, thus freeing up the central part of the room. Small mobile structures are suitable for replacing a full module in a small kitchen.

Corner kitchen

Due to this layout it is possible to free up additional space in a small room. To improve the ergonomics of space, the installation of a corner model is more appropriate in a room with an area of at least 9 square meters.

Straight kitchen

Linear arrangement implies not only the installation of an island, but also a dining group. This solution will be optimal for the kitchen-dining room. In this case, it is recommended to install a sink on the module, the oven in a peninsula, and the hob and the refrigerator, it will be better to combine with the kitchen set.


To locate the n-shaped design with an island module, requires a large amount of space. This solution is most appropriate for a spacious kitchen in a country house.


Hue color plays an important role in the design of the kitchen space. The island element must be in harmony with the entire surroundings. It can have both a single color performance, and act as an accent.

Light colors are often used in the design of modern kitchens. The white model not only looks very attractive, but also contributes to the visual expansion of the room. Designs in black, burgundy or coffee tones will fit into the interior originally. 


There are many options for the design of the kitchen. The most common solution is considered a module in the form of a square or rectangle, as well as a semicircular, oval or round island, which looks very stylish. An interesting solution would be an island in the form of a dresser, showcase or buffer, designed for small rooms or a model-transformer with mobile sections. 

To bring dynamics into the environment will allow for a two-level island with different surface heights. Often, the lower level is equipped with a sink or stove, and the upper level with a bar.


Such an unusual kitchen interior is complemented by general, local lighting and LED lighting. The light fixture over the island should have the ability to change the direction of light. If there are hinged cabinets, they can be equipped with built-in mini-lights. This will add a special aesthetic to the design.

Interior styles

In the classic kitchen, for the manufacture of the island module, expensive wood species are used in combination with decorative gilded details. The tabletop is made of stone or marble, which has a noble texture. The cabinet is a large stationary structure in the form of a rectangle with rounded corners.

The island in the modern style repeats the design of the set. Basically it is distinguished by a smooth base of stone, steel or glass.

In the interior in the style of Provence, the module has a light marble or wooden table top and has a simple configuration. The element is decorated in gentle colors and is equipped with cabinets, drawers or wicker baskets.

Art Nouveau design is characterized by the use of metal and glass. The tabletop has a streamlined line and the cabinet has a round or square shape. 

Minimalism uses the most functional models with built-in appliances and storage systems for dishes and other items. 

Scandinavian interior is complemented by laconic and simple in color models with a countertop made of wood and a framework of such materials as metal, brick or even concrete.

The kitchen in the high-tech style suggests modules made of high-tech materials, in the form of plastic, metal or glass. Here chrome surfaces look appropriate, contributing to the creation of an austere design.

For a small room perfectly suit mobile products equipped with wheels. In an elongated space, the island resembles a bar and is used as a partition.

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