Choosing a kitchen set according to the shape of the room

kitchen set

In every family, the kitchen is the place where all family members spend a lot of time. Here the hostess cooks a delicious meal, the whole family gathers for dinner, meets guests and relatives. Therefore, the kitchen furniture should not only be functional and comfortable, but to deliver aesthetic pleasure of use.

Modern manufacturers of kitchen sets offer many variations for every taste: classic models, angular, U-shaped, options with a bar and others. To make your kitchen a cozy and comfortable island, when choosing a headset, you need to take into account a number of points. After all, a lot depends not only on the design, but also on the right choice of materials, intelligently chosen location and combination of individual elements.


Facades play a huge aesthetic and functional role. It is from them that not only the appearance of the kitchen set depends, but also the duration of its operation.

Budget kitchen facades can be made of particleboard and plastic. They are short-lived, easy to moisture and deformation.

More expensive models use MDF or solid wood fronts. They are durable and wear-resistant, and will last a long time. For decorating fronts, as a rule, regular or glazed glass is used.


Another important element of the kitchen set – countertops. The most important requirement to them – durability, because they are most exposed to mechanical impact, and are often in contact with moisture and detergents.

The ideal option for a countertop is natural stone. This material will literally last forever. In addition to durability and resistance to chemicals, the material is not afraid of fungi and other microorganisms. The only disadvantage of natural stone is the high cost.

Artificial stone and plastic are an excellent substitute for natural material. They are also very durable and have excellent aesthetic characteristics.

A budget option of material for countertops is MDF. However, you will need to make sure that moisture does not get on the ends, because this will lead to deformation and delamination.

Glass and wood are not used for the manufacture of work surfaces. In the first case, the material is too fragile, and in the second – impractical, because from the frequent ingress of moisture wood will swell and deform. In addition, wooden countertops can become a fertile “soil” for the development of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.

kitchen set

Household appliances

Manufacturers of household appliances are working tirelessly to make it as easy as possible for the hostess to cook, so develop and produce a lot of useful appliances.

For a more rational use of space of the room, appliances can be built directly into the garnish.

Most often the following built-in appliances are used in the kitchen:

  • gas or electric stove;
  • oven and microwave ovens;
  • dishwasher;
  • cooker hood;
  • refrigerator.

If desired, every housewife can additionally buy a number of household appliances: coffee machine, blender, mixer, steamer, juicer. All these devices will help to make everyday life more comfortable, and the table – diverse and delicious.

Types of kitchen sets by arrangement

Modern kitchen sets can vary significantly depending on the shape and location in the room.

Classic option.

Single-row placement – the best option for a room of any size, it will be suitable even in a studio apartment. Straight kitchen sets can be long and occupy the entire wall in a large room. In such variants, preference is given to solid countertops, which is more convenient in practice.


Such models are very popular among consumers, because they are compact and save space in a small room. There are two reasons to choose the corner model of the headset:

The possibility of ergonomic use of the space of a small room;

All household appliances are located in close proximity to each other.

U-shaped solution.

Such a set is installed in the room along three adjacent walls. The best option for saving space is the arrangement of furniture so that the opposite wings are at a distance of 2.5 meters. If the distance will be greater, it is impractical to use such a set, as in the process of cooking will need to move too long distances, and if, on the contrary – less than two and a half meters, it will be very crowded.

Bar counter sets

Sets with a bar counter, today are very popular. It is not only beautiful, but also convenient, multifunctional kitchen furniture.

The counter can be used to store kitchen utensils or as a working surface, or as a dining table.

Such a set is great for a studio apartment. In this case, the bar counter can serve for zoning the space.

Kitchen in two rows

Such a kitchen set will be a great option for a pass-through kitchen, because the elements of furniture are arranged along the walls, located opposite to each other. Work surfaces, the stove and the sink are best placed opposite the cabinets for storing kitchen utensils and the refrigerator.

The island

An island kitchen is characterized by the location of one of its parts in the middle of the room. The island can be the stove, sink and worktable.

Such a variant looks very stylish and modern. But the use of these sets is appropriate only in spacious rooms.


In such models, one part of the set does not stand by the wall, but acts as a divider of the room into zones. Most often a freestanding element is a sink, stove or bar counter.

The choice of style

If you look at the photos of kitchen sets by modern manufacturers, you can see a lot of style features. This applies not only to the color range, but also to shapes, decor, fittings and finishes, and preferred materials.

Classic style kitchen fronts will fit organically in any room. Calm design, natural shades, an abundance of natural wood or high-quality stylization will create comfort and coziness.

Kitchen walls in the country style are suitable for lovers of rustic motifs in the interior. This style is characterized by the use of only natural materials. As for the design, it is deliberately simple and even crude.

Art Nouveau style is especially popular among young people. Furniture for the kitchen in the modern style is characterized by interesting forms, bright colors and a minimum of unnecessary elements.

Laconic forms, minimalist finish, an abundance of glass and metal – these are the characteristics of the popular style hi-tech. Such kitchen walls are suitable for people who love experiments and are ready to implement the most daring design ideas.

The choice of garniture depending on the shape of the room


Perfectly square rooms are extremely rare, and are a universal option for the arrangement of kitchen furniture. In such kitchens you can implement a variety of design ideas. For example, you can divide the room into a working and dining areas, while placing them against each other or in the corners.

The main thing is to adhere to a simple rule – in both areas must maintain uniformity in layout. If you are going to put a corner set, then it is worth giving preference to a soft corner, and for the classic variant, a set consisting of a table and chairs will do. Also organically will look U-shaped set of furniture.


Classic and corner models are suitable for long and narrow rooms. In such penal-shaped rooms, an ergonomic bar counter can be used as a table. This will not only allow you to use space economically, but also prevent injury from sharp corners of the furniture.

Corner models with a sink under the window

Such variants of kitchen sets are compact and have an aesthetic appearance. The hostess will be able to wash dishes and enjoy the beautiful view outside the window. Such a set will perfectly save space in the room, because, as a rule, there is free space at the window, and the main kitchen space is cluttered beyond measure.

Non-standard shape

For rooms of irregular shape, the best option would be to use modular furniture, which can be arranged independently of each other along the perimeter of the room.

The main thing is to place at a sufficiently close distance of the sink, stove and work surface. Cabinets can be arranged as you like. View pictures of a kitchen with a non-standard shape with suitable options for cabinets below.

What to choose for a small kitchen

Choosing a model of kitchen sets for a small kitchen is not the easiest question, but it is quite solvable. For rooms with limited space, small kitchens in the style of high-tech will suit perfectly. Kitchen sets of this style are characterized by ergonomics and maximum functionality. Such furniture visually expands the space and gives the room a kind of lightness.

As for the form and location, in most cases it is best to choose a classic one-row option or a modern solution with a bar counter. If the apartment is occupied by a bachelor or a young couple, the bar counter may well become a successful substitute for the dining table. Such a solution will help to save scarce space.

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