Black kitchen cabinets: advantages and disadvantages, and how to care for


These days in the domestic furniture market one of the most popular types of furniture is a cabinets. It is a design with elements for storing clothes and shoes, which is supplemented by a sliding system. This solution combines reliability, functionality, practicality and beauty. These advantages are available in one piece of interior and cannot be overlooked by experienced buyers. About how delightful can be a bedroom or living room, if there is a black closet, you can learn from the article.

Features of color.

Solve the problem of placing a large closet in a small area with a closet is very simple, but this is not the only purpose with which such a design copes. It is able to transform any interior, if you choose the right combination of color solution of the furniture itself and the finishing of the room.

That is why when choosing furniture for the bedroom or living room, it is important to think not only about the relevance of this or that size, shape, but also the color solution. This parameter will largely determine the external aesthetics of the cabinet and the interior as a whole. If you refer to the statistics of sales of modern stores, it becomes clear, the domestic buyer gives preference to cabinets of dark shades.

At first glance, a dark tone cabinet may seem too gloomy and boring. But experienced designers will tell you how to play around with such furniture to reveal its potential, to emphasize the subtle style and special charm of the dark color solution of the cabinet. So what is so good about black as the main solution for the cabinet body?

Dark colors of furniture allow you to create beneficial contrasts against the background of light finish walls, floor. Such design techniques are in trend today. Also dark color allows you to give the room mystery, austerity, respectability. If there is a defect on the furniture itself, the dark shades veil this defect, and it will not irritate the eyes. Especially good if the dark colors are performed in large cabinets. Then they look much neater than similar in scale light models.



As practice shows, dark colors in the finishing of cabinets remain fashionable for a very long time. The following describes the most popular varieties of black.

Especially popular today monochrome in the design of cabinets. Facades, the body of the product, used fittings are chosen in a single color. If monochrome is not your ideal, you can decorate the dark closet with interesting details of another color (fittings with chrome, “under the gold” and so on), glass fronts with and without a frame, metal racks and so on.

How to combine with the interior

Dark in tone, glossy cabinet in the interior of the bedroom is a great solution. It will suit those people who prefer minimalism in the bedroom or living room decor, and also appreciate luxury, sophistication, gloss. It is a very expressive color that radiates luxury and gloss.

Dark shades are universal, they do not have any significant restrictions on their application and go well with almost any other color in the interior. Very striking looks wenge or dark chocolate on a gray, white, beige, golden background. Despite the fact that the wallpaper of such colors looks somewhat boring, in combination with dark furniture, they fully reveal their beauty. Complementing the iridescence of milk chocolate is the olive, sand or milk shade in the wall decor. Such a background will smooth out the excessive militancy of black in the interior and give it romanticism.

Is that in a tiny room cabinet of this shade is better not to apply, because it is not able to reflect the sun’s rays and can darken the atmosphere. But if you choose correctly to it contrasting light shades, balance and distribute decorative elements, the room is sure to play with new colors, filled with harmony and comfort.

Black glossy looks very catchy, it is able to reflect light rays, so it is suitable for a small-sized room for sleep. If the glossy surface did not come to mind, the buyer can choose a matte cabinet in a dark shade. In combination with the original shape of the furniture, eye-catching fittings or different lighting, such designs can look simply stunning.

Layout Rules

Black cabinets are a classic for residential interior design. Versatility in terms of combination with other colors in the finishing of walls, ceiling, floor, as well as unique aesthetics, subtle charm, respectability – these are the advantages for which buyers are so fond of dark furniture.

Combinations of dark chocolate with different color shades look very fashionable, modern. But what allows you to reveal the deep charm of this color, to emphasize all its facets? The right location of the cabinet. If you choose not the best place for it, the interior can turn out to be low functional and not very beautiful:

  • Dark lacquered cabinet should not be used for too narrow a room. Especially if the finishing of the walls, the floor of the room is done in excessively dark or bright tones. This will only exacerbate the feeling of constricted space;
  • Also, experts do not recommend using a dark chocolate cabinet for the children’s room. It may look too aggressive, scare the baby when he wakes up;
  • such furniture is better to install in spacious living rooms, bright bedrooms. But if the cabinet is still picked up for a small corridor, complement the model with lighting from LED strips, to slightly expand the narrow space visually.

How to Take Care

Depending on the texture of the cabinet and the nature of its surfaces will change the rules of care of the furniture. It is important to know and adhere to them, so that the external beauty of a piece of interior dark shade does not fade over the years:

  • for lacquer coating, it is worth selecting special polishing compounds for varnishes. They allow you to save the external aesthetics of the cabinet for a long time, do not let the lacquer fade, will help to eliminate minor scratches on the fronts. Polished cabinet with such care for a long time retains its original appearance. But do not abuse the polishing procedure. Carry out it as often as recommended by the instructions to the composition, which was made by the manufacturer;
  • It is also worth remembering to care for the matte surface of the cabinet. Use a special brush or broom to remove dust from its surfaces. If there is a grease stain on the facade, you will need to pick up a special product for matte surfaces. About the relevance of different types of surface cleaners is worth asking the seller of the furniture at the time of purchase;
  • do not use aggressive acids or alkalis, if you have selected a black matte wooden cabinet for your home. Otherwise, the wooden facade will lose its original beauty, covered with a defect from the contact between the wood and the chemical agent.

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