Kitchen in the style of minimalism: the secrets of creating a successful interior


Cluttering even the most elegant kitchen interior is easier to do in a few months. Dishes, containers, appliances, decor – all this usually only adds, not disappears from the kitchen shelves.

In this article, we tell you how minimalist methods can help the space and why, when thinking about the design of a modern kitchen, it is worth taking minimalism as the basis.

What does minimalism mean?

The minimalist movement came to us about five years ago, along with the popularity of Scandinavian style. The idea was the reasonable use of things and getting rid of unnecessary things.

Minimalism is always a well-organized, clean space, moderate design and maximum functionality. In the kitchen, it teaches to hide small gadgets, get rid of old stuff and intelligently combine the working kitchen space with a recreation area.

What furniture to choose

Many people do not dare to have a kitchen in a minimalist style for fear of getting too cold and “empty” space. Indeed, the furniture for minimalism designers choose always simple, without decor and voluminous fittings. Kitchen cabinets are always as closed as possible, roomy, with a well thought-out internal filling.

Minimalism does not need fine decor, designers rely on shapes and textures. For example, you can choose unusual models of furniture, experiment with materials for the kitchen apron, flooring or choose a non-standard design of the kitchen island.

What materials are suitable?

Minimalism should facilitate cleaning, maintain an atmosphere of order in the kitchen. Therefore, the materials for finishing choose practical. Plastic, glass, chrome steel, stone are welcome.

In minimalist interiors designers often use natural textured materials, with rough treatment or even without it. For countertops they usually use natural granite or marble, and in wall decoration they use brick and concrete.

How to find the right colors

One tone for the entire interior is the easiest way to design a minimalist interior. But creating a sleek, clean backdrop can also be done with colors. The main rule is to choose one main neutral shade, and add a second shade with small accents.

Another way to dilute a cold interior is to choose not a color, but one main material and decorate the interior of the kitchen with it. Natural wood finish is a popular choice in Scandinavian interiors. As accent materials choose concrete, terazzo or marble for kitchen countertops.

How to choose appliances

Often people who want a minimalist kitchen think everything should be hidden, including appliances. This is not always the case.

For a minimalist interior, designers choose appliances with clean lines and modern design, they can be left in plain sight even in the most minimalist kitchens. Even the kitchen hood can become an element of decor, if it is properly matched to the interior.

How to achieve visual order

Particular attention in a minimalist kitchen should be paid to details. The less of them, the better. Designers usually choose kitchen cabinets with recessed handles, cabinets with recesses instead of handles or use push-open system, when the cabinet opens after a light push on the door.

Another condition for creating visual order in the kitchen design is the thoughtful height of the cabinets. Designers advise to choose high three-level cabinets to the ceiling, or to close the space between the standard cabinets and the ceiling with drywall. There is always a great temptation to force this space with little things that will spoil the minimalist image.


How to organize storage

One of the advantages of a minimalist kitchen is its easy integration with the living environment. It is an invisible kitchen, it is easy to prepare a full dinner in it, it is pleasant to receive guests. But few will be able to guess where exactly the oven is hidden and behind which door is the refrigerator.

In a minimalist kitchen, only hidden storage systems are used. Even if there are open shelves and niches, then with a minimum of items.

What you can choose to do

Kitchen without overhead cabinets – a stylish modern, but radical solution. Before you decide on it, it is worth thinking about the storage system for dishes, appliances and products.

In some projects, designers remove the entire storage system in a cabinet-column or make a freestanding sideboard. It can be a spectacular art object with built-in lighting and glass shelves. Another option for storing all the accessories is a kitchen island. It can accommodate not only drawers, but even a sink and stove.

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