How to organize under kitchen sink

organize under kitchen sink

Not all homeowners burden themselves with the proper organization of storage under the kitchen sink. This section of the set in general has a rather complicated fate. So, most often this cabinet is used to place a trash can, broom and dustpan, no more than that. In some cases, the cabinet under the sink is not used at all. The reason for this is the massive communications of sewage and drainage systems, or the complex configuration of the cabinet itself (often a corner shape).

However, even despite the “uncomfortable” space of the considered section of the kitchen set, it is quite realistic to organize an ergonomic storage system. Of course, there is no universal solution for all kitchens, because much depends on the size and shape of the cabinet, the size of the siphon and how all communications are connected. However, a few great options are still available.


Using the cabinet under the sink only to accommodate a single trash can is not rational. In this way, only a small part of the useful space is used. A more practical solution is to create several shelves inside the cabinet that will allow you to systematically store household chemicals, detergents and cleaning powders, sponges, tissues, etc.

In this case, if the cabinet under the sink is large enough, the distance from the bottom of the cabinet to the bottom shelf can be calculated so that the trash can fit without problems. This way you solve the issue of placing the trash can and the necessary care products for furniture and appliances.

organize under kitchen sink


Drawers are rarely installed in the section of the set under the sink. However, they can be installed directly under the shelves in that section. This will create a convenient storage system for all sorts of “little things”, of which there is quite a lot in every kitchen.

In such drawers it is convenient to store capron and metal lids and corks, skewers, garbage bags, rubber gloves, disposable dishes for picnics, etc.


If the configuration of the communications under the sink precludes the installation of horizontal shelves, plastic containers of suitable size can serve as their alternative. This solution will allow you to use the cabinet space with maximum efficiency, because the containers can be placed on top of each other.

Moreover, the closed plastic containers will guarantee that the contents will not get wet even if the water supply leaks or the sink faucet is damaged.


To improve the ergonomics of the section under the sink, you can upgrade the inner surface of the door. The simplest option is to install hooks or plastic hangers equipped with clothespins.

In addition to hooks and hangers, you can use special hanging organizers and baskets. Such accessories can be equipped with special fasteners or conventional suction cups, and you can buy them in almost every hardware store.

Shelving unit

In some kitchen sets, the cabinet of the sink can be narrow or divided by a vertical partition, which ensures the strength of the structure. Such sections can be equipped with special organizers in the form of small shelving units with hinged or sliding baskets to store things.

Please note that such racks do not always have a stationary design on legs. Today, roll-out models are very popular, which provide a high level of convenience.

Rotating stand

The most ergonomic and fashionable solution for organizing a storage system under the sink is to install a rotating stand inside the cabinet. This design provides direct and convenient access to all the things you need. And you can place on it jars and bottles, sponges and towels, gloves and bags, and many other things without fear that something will get lost in the far corner of the section.

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