Kitchen to the ceiling: the design of a modern kitchen with high cabinets and mezzanine


Kitchen with high ceilings gives the opportunity to create a special in terms of functionality of the interior. The advantage will be a large area of the room. But even in a six-meter Stalinka you can recreate for the kitchen to the ceiling design that would be the envy of owners of large square meters.

Before we proceed to the selection of furniture, decide on the requirements for the room: whether it will serve only for cooking, whether you need a dining area and how many zones are optimal to allocate for storage. Let’s find out what kitchens to the ceiling are popular with hostesses and how to equip your personal culinary paradise at home.

Kitchen with tall large cabinets

Cabinets and cabinets to the ceiling – a modern functional solution, which designers resort to in the development of the project. Such solutions are dictated by the desire to save space. After all, if there is a high ceiling, most of the commercially available sets do not reach it by a few centimeters.

As a result, nothing can be placed on top, so as not to spoil the aesthetic side. In addition, this is an additional area for collecting dust. However, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of tall cabinets in the kitchen

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to tall kitchens is modern modern modern or even high-tech. Enclosed glossy panels to the ceiling, nothing superfluous and full functionality.

But also old-fashioned apartments with limited space will be suitable for such a solution. Increasing the storage space at the expense of additional centimeters, even a small area can be freed from unnecessary furniture, making the kitchen of 5 square meters visually spacious.

An additional advantage of a tall unit is that it hides almost all the walls. Consequently, there is no problem of their decor and cosmetic repairs. In addition, single-colored cabinets, placed vertically or horizontally in a row, is already a decoration in itself.

And, most importantly, such a kitchen becomes multifunctional, which is important in today’s rhythm of life, no matter what kind of living space you own.

All new is long forgotten old.

At first glance, such a solution may seem like know-how. But back in Soviet times, our grandmothers and mothers made mezzanines in their kitchens, where they kept the necessary things: rarely used dishes, empty containers, corks and pickles. 

Usually these wooden cabinets were placed over the kitchen front door. But there were also variants under a window instead of or in front of a radiator. Such a solution allowed to ensure the functionality of the kitchen and keep out of sight unnecessary things.


Maintaining the proportions

Kitchens to the ceiling, no matter what style they were made in, take up almost all the free wall space.

To avoid getting a “well” effect, especially possible in a small space, it is important to think about the design of the ceiling. Light shade will get rid of a feeling of pressure, visually making the kitchen even higher and even wider.

Visually expand the space will facades with a large pattern in the horizontal and vertical stripes. Bright furniture helps to avoid disproportion, to make an accent where it is needed. Light, cool colors seem to expand space, while warm colors, on the contrary, narrower. Therefore, for a small kitchen, it is better to choose the first option, and if the area allows, you can play with warm shades.

The material for the high kitchen

It is known that properly selected and located high furniture makes visually higher and the walls, thereby visually expanding the space. If the area is small, you can give preference to glossy surfaces of light colors: white, gray, cream. Gloss reflects the light, expanding the space.

In the kitchen of a large area would look good the same glossy cabinets, but in a dark color, up to black. Or, conversely, bright: red, orange, yellow. But olive and rich gray look very noble.

To add zest, play on the contrast, making the lower tier in one color, and the upper in the opposite. And it’s a matter of taste – whether to stick to the principle of “black bottom white top” or to act on the contrary.

From the disadvantages of using glossy – you need daily care of it. On glossy surfaces, prints, stains, and stains easily remain. If the owners are not ready to carefully wipe surfaces and keep them clean, it is better to give up on this material.

If you like home comfort, give preference to solid wood kitchens. The material will even allow you to get carved fronts, and the texture will fill the kitchen with a special atmosphere.

Upstairs, under the ceiling, balconies are appropriate, on which you can display potted plants or collections of mugs, bottles, souvenir plates. In cases where solid wood is not affordable, choose materials similar in texture. They are modern, cheaper and are of good quality. What to stop at is a matter of taste.

Consider the most popular materials for kitchens:

  • Furniture board. Made of pieces of natural wood. Environmentally friendly, but prone to external changes and the appearance of cracks. 
  • MDF. Resistant to external influences, but not breathable. 
  • Plywood. Sturdy, you can give any shape, subject to processing, long service life. 
  • CHIPBOARD. Often panels are laminated or sprayed. Sturdy material, but in low-quality execution can be loose. 

Disadvantages of a tall kitchen

For people of low height, using the space under the ceiling can be problematic. And those who are of average height and above, can not reach the mezzanine, especially if the ceilings in the apartment or house are higher than standard. In these cases, purchase benches and even small stepladders. You can, of course, set up and ordinary stool, chair.

On the top shelves and in the top drawers usually store things not of daily use, things that are rarely needed. For example, holiday dishes, canned goods, tablecloths, household goods, and so on.

Another drawback is the door opening system. When they are in the open position, there is a risk of hitting your head. To avoid injury, it is recommended to give preference to the following systems:

  • sliding; 
  • one-handed systems that open at the touch of a hand; 
  • with a slight upward movement. 

Check with the store or workshop to see what they can offer of modern mechanisms.

Ceiling in the kitchen with high fronts

There are a great many ceiling design options. Here are just a few of them:

  • painting or whitewashing; 
  • stretch ceiling: one-level and multilevel; 
  • suspended ceiling; 
  • tiled; 
  • decorative beams and so on. 

The choice depends on the preferences of the owners, the area, the desired effect. If the kitchen has decorative elements, it is better to be limited to a simple ceiling.

In the case of smooth facades in one or two colors, you can also make an accent on the ceiling, decorating it in different shades and levels.

An important role is played by lighting and illumination. Properly executed, it will also visually expand the space. In a large kitchen you can install a ceiling chandelier, and the corners and zones can be illuminated by spotlights, sconces. Small spaces also look cozy with spot lighting.

Cabinets under the ceiling need an additional source of light. A diode strip or light bulbs will do. They can light up inside the nightstand when it is opened.

High kitchen furniture elements

For a long time in the design of kitchens with high ceilings, manufacturers have moved away from the traditional set: three cabinets at the top and three at the bottom, two wide – one narrow. Kitchens have moved away from the standard and are striving for individuality. Now the market offers a variety of cabinet designs. And what cannot be found in the store, can be made to order.

So for kitchens with high ceilings, you can install the bottom row of cabinets, and make the upper row longer, up to the ceiling. Peninsula cabinets that reach the ceiling height, mounted on the floor, are popular. They can also be made as sideboards, with stained glass or glass doors, in which dishes look nice.

Briefly about the essentials

The kitchen to the ceiling is practical and modern. All the space under the ceiling is occupied by cabinets, and this allows you to use every useful centimeter. Here you can place rarely used items, choose the design of cabinets that will look great with the whole interior.

You can play with styles by not making all upper drawers to the ceiling. Multi-levels are in trend, the main thing is that there is no imbalance. So, take measurements, pick a design and design the high kitchen to the ceiling of your dreams!

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