Compact furniture for a small kitchen

small kitchen

The kitchen must have everything necessary for its full use: a minimum set of appliances in the form of a stove, microwave oven and refrigerator, a sink with a cupboard for dishes, enough space for storing food and kitchen tools. And we can’t forget about the dining area. But how can you fit all this in a small kitchen with a footprint of less than 6-8 meters? 

We show you the most compact and practical furniture that will fit perfectly into a small kitchen. It will help to save the limited space of the room and at the same time provide maximum comfort and convenience.

Cabinets and elements of the set

The largest piece of furniture in the kitchen, which occupies most of the space, is the kitchen set. We tell you what kind of headset is best for a small kitchen.

Handle-less headset.

First of all, the headset should provide free passage through the kitchen and visually look compact. The easiest option is to install a modern handle-less cabinet set in the kitchen. It has a minimalistic appearance, and the absence of handles will help to save precious centimeters of space. In addition, there is no chance of accidentally bumping into the protruding handle.

The set with corner drawers

The optimal form of the headset for a compact kitchen is a corner one. Such a set can offer a lot of storage space: for example, its design can include additional corner drawers with a retractable mechanism, as in the photo below. There will easily fit small items that could not find space in the main cabinets.

Drawers for built-in appliances

The bottom row of cabinets must be adapted for installation of built-in appliances – separately standing stove with an oven will take too much space and make it difficult to move around the room. Other appliances can also be built into the cabinets without sacrificing space in the kitchen, such as a dishwasher or washing machine.

Wall cabinets with extra sections

In a small kitchen, the best solution is to use the space upwards instead of outwards. That’s why you should choose wall cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. And even if they are equipped with overhead storage compartments, they will only be reachable from a chair, not to mention the storage space.

A narrow one-wall set

If the corner set does not fit in your kitchen, you can choose the most compact version, consisting of a couple or three cabinets and taking up only one wall of the room. In this case, it should also be equipped with additional sections up to the ceiling, otherwise there may not be enough space for dishes.

High open shelving

Even in the smallest kitchen, there may still be a free corner next to the cabinet. Use it wisely: put there a tall and narrow shelving unit with open shelves. It will provide additional storage space, and the open design will make the kitchen interior visually more spacious and light.

Universal cabinet-transformer

Instead of a full-fledged garniture, you can install a universal cabinet-transformer in a compact kitchen – as in the photo below. Behind its doors will have everything you need for cooking, and when closed, it will look very neat and compact. 

small kitchen


Moving on to the organization of the dining area in a small kitchen. The main task is to choose the right and most practical table.

Round or oval

A table with a round or oval tabletop will take up less space due to the lack of sharp protruding corners and provide more space to move around the room.


If even a round table takes up a lot of space, use only half of it: in the form of a semicircular table by the wall. Such tables are not too popular, so they can become a real design decoration of the kitchen interior.

Folding with wall mounting

There is also a more practical solution: to occupy the free wall with a compact folding table, which can be closed after use. When folded, it will free up a lot of space.


And you can install a special set in the kitchen with a retractable table, hidden under the countertop. Often such furniture-transformer is also equipped with retractable seats, which will help to free the room from separate chairs. 

Narrow tabletop

The table can be abandoned altogether, using instead a narrow elongated tabletop or a small bar counter. This option is ideal for narrow and long kitchens. 


A practical kitchen table should also be equipped with comfortable chairs. What types of chairs are best for a small kitchen? 


Folding chairs will perfectly complement a folding wall table. After use, they can be hung on the wall next to the table or put away in the pantry. 

Backless stools

Chairs with a backrest can make it difficult to walk around the kitchen and take up extra space, so you can use regular stools instead. By the way, they would also be handy to store under the table or bar counter, placing one on top of the other.


Transparent chairs will help to visually unload the interior of a small kitchen. They are not conspicuous at all and let a lot of light in, so that the room will become more spacious and free.

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