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glass tables

Pros and cons of a glass tabletop

Table tops for the kitchen are made of tempered glass with a thickness of at least 8 mm. For household safety purposes, the edges of the parts are ground on edging equipment. As an alternative to tempered glass, you can use extruded plexiglass, but it is less heat-resistant and prone to abrasion.

Is a glass table practical?

Glass, as a material, absolutely does not absorb liquids, which is why traces of dirt are immediately noticeable on it. On the other hand, dirt does not penetrate and can easily be removed with detergents.

  • A tablecloth will slide off the glass surface, it is better to use special anti-slip napkins.
  • When using glass furniture, you should be wary of chipping along the edge, they are traumatic for both adults and children.
  • To protect the tabletop from dirt and scratches during meals, it is recommended to use a silicone protective coating.

Types of tables for the kitchen

Glass tables for the kitchen come in dining tables, bar tables. The area of folding glass tables increases by 2 or 3 times after transformation. Such furniture is ideal for a small kitchen or studio apartment. A glass bar counter with built-in lighting will look spectacular in the evenings.

Shapes and sizes of glass tables

If the design or color of the furniture depends solely on personal preferences of a person, when choosing the shape of the table top, it is worth considering the area of the dining area in the apartment or house.


As a rule, oval dining tables are placed in dining rooms or kitchens. Tables of this shape look good in long, spacious rooms. The photo below shows options for placing an oval table in the kitchen of an apartment and country house.


Smooth lines in the interior are associated with a warm family atmosphere or friendly gatherings. Tables with round table tops are ideal for square rooms. Compared to a square table, a round table holds more people. Rounded corners make the furniture safe for children. In the photo on the left is a round table in a modern kitchen, in the photo on the right – transparent furniture in a neoclassical interior.


The square shape is suitable for small kitchens with symmetrical accents in the interior. At a square table, the person sitting has more personal space than at the round one. 


Rectangular glass tables can zone the room, separating the kitchen from the living room. Due to the visual lightness of glass, such zoning looks original and unobtrusive. If the table is not set daily for a large company, one of its ends can be decorated with flowers or decorations.

In narrow dining rooms, a rectangular glass table will neatly stand against a window or wall, not cluttering the space, such a variant is shown in the photo on the left. The photo on the right is a fusion interior, a piece of glass is used as a protective cover over the carved wooden surface.


Corner tables are good when, when there is a shortage of space, you need to allocate space to work in the kitchen. Corner models are also handy when bundled with kitchen nooks, as in the photo below. A stylish corner table made of glass will decorate a room in a modern style, while maintaining a sense of free space.


If two or three people are dining in the kitchen at the same time, you can use a table with a triangular shape. Preferably, the sharp edges of the triangular table top should be smoothed out.


If you want to leave more free space in the center of the kitchen, it is worth considering a tabletop in the form of a semicircle or semi-oval. This configuration of the product is suitable for a small area of the room.

Unusual shape

For those who like to experiment in the interior, designers offer furniture of unusual shape, but at the same time comfortable and safe. CNC machines can be used to cut any shape of glass piece. Designer furniture is often made in a single copy and has a certificate of uniqueness.


Compact tables will be a cute interior accessory that will add a finishing touch to your kitchen furnishings. Despite the small size, they can be original in design and execution. A small table in the kitchen can serve as the main place for food or be a stand for dessert, fruit, bread slices.


A large tabletop will not be as conspicuous if it is made of clear material. Despite the seeming fragility, glass tables are very reliable in operation. It is also worth thinking about serving a large table, choose stylish dishes, vases, candles.

Table colors in the kitchen interior

Not only transparent, but also tinted, frosted and colored glass is used for furniture.


The main advantages of white in the interior are versatility and perfect compatibility with other colors. White furniture looks fresh and sophisticated. A table made of white glass can be decorated with any style. In the kitchen in a modern style, bright dishes and vases will contrast spectacularly with the white surface. A tabletop decorated with candles and transparent dishes will be a great addition to a classic interior.


The black glass surface is distinguished by a deep mirror-like gloss. This texture is ideal for luxurious kitchen interiors in art deco or black and white classics.


The color has many shades from almost white to caramel. Beige is chosen by those who prefer a calm, relaxing environment at home. Neutral beige is also suitable for tables that have an emphasis on the original shape.


Transparent glass tables are the most “invisible” option for kitchen furniture. Glass tables for the kitchen are often complemented by a set of transparent chairs. It should be remembered that the glass surface will look beautiful only with constant care and careful attitude. The photo below shows options for transparent furniture, which seems to merge with the surrounding environment.


Psychologists argue that the red color in the interior is preferred by temperamental people. The bright color of the table will emphasize the white walls and accessories. To make the red color in the kitchen less dominant, you can use it only for the legs of the table.


The color fills the room with warmth and energy, it is one of the most vital colors in design. Orange glass table is recommended to put in the kitchen, as this color causes appetite. In a small kitchen, you should not complement the orange table with a kitchen set of the same color, because the excess of bright colors can irritate. A combination of orange and lettuce colors looks colorful. 


The calm brown color is liked not only by supporters of conservatism in design. The brown tone is often found in loft and American classics. The glossy surface of the glass makes the shades of brown more lush. Coffee or chocolate brown options can be selected for the kitchen.

Design options and patterns on glass tables

Digital photo printing is the most progressive way of applying images to glass table tops. Specialized workshops will print a custom pattern. To find a high quality graphic or photo without problems, it is worth using the sites of photobanks on the Internet.

Tables with photo prints

The most popular prints for the kitchen are orchids, marine themes, juicy berries and fruits. For the Scandinavian design, country, midsenchury fit geometric patterns. To make glass furniture in harmony with the eco-style, images with green leaves, grass, wildflowers are chosen for printing. 

With frosted glass

Glass, devoid of gloss, captivates with its exquisite appearance. There are different shades of frosted glass: milk, vanilla, ivory, with a blue or blue hue. In the kitchen, frosted glass can be more practical than clear glass, because stains or dried water stains are not so noticeable on it.

Combined with other materials

Glass combines well with many materials. The luster of glass emphasizes the warmth of wood, harmonizes with the cold metal or the gloss of stone. With the development of technology in the manufacture of furniture began to use synthetic and natural leather. Inserts of leather give the product status chic. For visual lightness, the table top is made of glass, and the legs or pedestal are of other material. 

With shelves and drawers

The design of glass tables for the kitchen often involves a shelf, it can be made of glass or other material. On the shelf you can put a beautiful bouquet, decorative ornaments or use it for serving during the meal. Some table models have a drawer for cutlery or kitchen utensils.

glass tables

Recommendations for choosing a table

The cost of glass tables for the kitchen is quite high. To avoid disappointment after the purchase, you need to know the requirements for the quality of glass furniture.

  • You should make sure that the table is made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is marked with the words “tempered glass”.
  • Edges of the table top and other table pieces must not have any chips or marked irregularities. 
  • Glued seams are more resistant to vibration and stress than bolted seams. In addition, glue fastening looks more aesthetically pleasing, because the glue becomes transparent when it hardens, and the seams are almost invisible.

Ideas for glass kitchen table legs

Glass table legs are made of wood, metal, stone. Sometimes they are the ones that carry the main decorative load in the design of the product.

  • The wooden legs can be laconic or generously decorated with carving.
  • The table on one leg can have a sculpture or a cubic composition of stone in the base.
  • A few years ago there was a fashion for wrought iron products in the interior, iron legs with traces of aging decorate glass tables in a steampunk or industrial style.
  • Furniture made entirely of glass from the table top to the supporting elements is considered the most prestigious.

A glass table can be a functional and inconspicuous kitchen interior object or, on the contrary, it can attract attention by its unusual design. To make a decision to purchase glass furniture, you need to weigh the pros and cons, take into account not only the opinion of designers, but also your own preferences and lifestyle.

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