Incredible kitchen interior style


How to choose the right style for your kitchen?

Kitchen decoration should be not only convenient and functional, but also stylish. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the rules of competent design of modern interior design. The purpose of our article is to understand all the style diversity.


The gentle and elegant Provence came to us from the French villages. It’s simple, even a little rough, but gives the opportunity to feel the real comfort and family warmth. Provence looks ideal in homes where there is an oven or hearth, which can be made the center of the kitchen.

Features of the style:

  • All elements of furnishings are made of natural wood, which can be aged. If you want to save money, use veneered furniture.
  • Some elements may be stone, such as the countertop. Metal is used neatly and a little.
  • On the floor laid laminate or parquet, the walls are wallpapered or finished with panels. The texture of the finish – like wood.  If wallpaper is used, you can take plant ornaments, but they should not be conspicuous.
  • As the main color is usually white or beige, but there may be variations. Good look olive, light brown, peach, dim yellow, blue, turquoise and light blue colors.
  • Modern appliances are better hidden behind the facades of cabinets, as they do not fit into the rustic atmosphere.

Provence suits those who want to live in a bright room, where a lot of sun, reigns comfort, joy and warmth. Even if you do not have a lot of light in the kitchen, the effect of sunlight can be created by using yellow and light brown shades.

Modern Style

Distinctive features of the style:

  • The style combines smooth lines and completely unexpected colors.
  • The filling of the interior should be functional, and the use of space is useful. 
  • Modern style allows the combination of finishing materials of different colors and textures. 
  • Furniture strict form is characteristic of the modern style, it stands out in color. 
  • Material curtains can be varied, but the cut is often as simple as possible.
  • Accessories of unusual shape in the color of metallic fit into the modern interior of the kitchen.


The harshness of the climate of northern Europe is reflected in the severity and restraint of ethnic design. The following signs of the Scandinavian style can be identified:

  • light colors are used as the main tone;
  • the presence of surfaces with contrasting finish;
  • a large number of light sources, including natural light;
  • regular geometric shapes;
  • functionality;
  • a minimum of decorative accessories.

Scandinavian style is ideal for creating coziness in modest rooms and combined kitchen-living rooms. However, you should not resort to this concept, decorating a spacious kitchen with windows on the north side. Such a kitchen will be perceived as a cold uncomfortable place.

Classical style

The classic style is characterized by:

  • Smooth features in the interior and calm light shades.
  • For a spacious kitchen, the classic style of decoration is used most often.
  • The walls are decorated with a noble wood, wallpaper with vegetable patterns or monochrome wallpaper for painting.
  • The floor covering is invariably made of wood.
  • Wooden kitchen would be complemented by a stone countertop.
  • Chairs are upholstered with light textile.
  • The color of furniture is chosen depending on personal preferences.
  • Curtains of various cut with the inherent luxury of the style. Preference is given to noble fabrics.
  • In the interior of the kitchen organically looks porcelain dishes, useful little things made of wood and flowers.


Modern neoclassics has many features in common with the classic interior, but there are also differences. The amount of decor is much less, and white or cream is used as the main tone. First of all, the neoclassical interior should be light.

If in the classics only wooden furniture and parquet are used, then the neoclassical allows the use of marble or tiles for the floor and materials with imitation wood for the headset. The styles of kitchen furniture used must match the overall design.

Luxurious Baroque.

Baroque style has been used less frequently. It is characterized by antique notes that fit exclusively in spacious rooms. The version of the style is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • similarity with classicism and neoclassicism;
  • an abundance of decor and accessories;
  • fittings in gold or bronze;
  • shaped furniture legs;
  • the presence of wood, its derivatives;
  • glass facades of furniture sets;
  • the use of zoning with the floor covering: laminate, parquet.

For more originality is trying to use light cream shades: milk, beige, coffee. Be sure to accentuate the plum, steel and gold tones.


The hallmark of this concept is the presence of brick walls. Their rough finish, carelessness in the design of the floor and open-eye communication systems are welcomed. Such an image forms the perception of an attic, where they do not care too much about grace and sophistication.

The main features of the style:

  • Spacious rooms with minimal finishes.
  • Brick raw walls, cold concrete floors and shelves with complex construction.
  • Due to the fact that the loft likes spacious rooms, it is preferred for the kitchen-dining room.
  • The finishes are as simple as possible; there are virtually none.
  • Unfinished brick or plastered walls look harmonious with the cold concrete floors.

The design of the room can be completely different due to furniture and accessories.

In the kitchen, an antique table with chairs will look as harmonious as a modern minimalist set, the main requirement is the functionality of the items.

Roman blinds or straight cut will suit the interior design of the kitchen. Natural fabrics are used. 

As accessories glass jars, metal utensils.

The concept of loft style allows resorting to unusual and versatile accessories. This design looks harmoniously in small studio apartments which should be divided into functional areas.


Country style is often unknowingly used in country houses, as it is ideal for rural living. In a city apartment such solutions are difficult to organize, but possible. Features of the direction:

  • simplicity and functionality, which is manifested in comfortable, roomy furniture;
  • laconic design, often imitating the old things;
  • a bar instead of a table;
  • tile, laminate, parquet for the finishing of the floor, plaster or whitewash on the walls;
  • wooden furniture (natural wood or veneered furniture boards) with glass inserts;
  • textile decor;
  • the small number of tones in the design, mainly shades of brown, olive, milk and coffee, and other natural and restrained colors.

Country will suit those who want to create a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen, reminiscent of the village with its simple life and home comfort.


Style of kitchen furniture hi-tech allows you to create dynamic, trendy interior designs, keeping things as simple and functional as possible. The design of the room is based on a game of textures and small details. Such designs are characterized by:

  • maximum simple elements: rectangles, squares, triangles;
  • the complete absence of decor. The elements of decoration are accessories, small items (chrome faucet, a stylish socket, switch);
  • metal, different kinds of glass, plastic and polycarbonate as finishing materials;
  • the base color is white, beige, gray, metallic, and one main accent color is added – red, chocolate, purple, or other rich color. There are a maximum of three or four different shades in the interior;
  • In the kitchen, there are a lot of electric devices of different purposes;
  • chandeliers, LED strips, lighting fixtures are used for lighting.

High-tech is not suitable for all rooms: if you have low ceilings, it is better to refuse to use it, because the tiered structures will “press”, visually reduce the room. Also, it is not suitable for lovers of cozy rooms – they will find high-tech too cold and faceless. An undeniable plus of such kitchens is that all surfaces are easy to clean.


Minimalism, despite its apparent simplicity, is one of the most difficult styles of kitchen sets to implement. It should simultaneously be as simple as possible, but provide the hostess with all the necessary items for cooking. Features of minimalism:

  • Only the most necessary items are in view. All the details, and appliances are hidden in built-in cabinets and are covered with monochrome facades;
  • For finishing the room uses laminate, stone, tile with simple and inconspicuous patterns, for example, you can put on the floor porcelain stoneware under concrete;
  • furniture is made of wood, and the fronts are usually plastic or glass, but opaque;
  • the decor is dominated by monochrome surfaces. As a base color is taken a light white, beige or dark black or brown. It can be complemented by two or three small bright details;
  • There should be no traditional table in the kitchen, and it should be replaced by the bar counter. The sofas, armchairs will also have to be abandoned, replacing them with leather chairs.

Minimalism will suit those who prioritize functionality, rather than decor and comfort.


The style is divided into two currents, classic and modern. In the classic version of the interior is filled with decorative details of plant themes. Modern Modern is more restrained, there is no abundance of vegetation, the filling is more functional, the color palette is not as diverse.

The main idea is a smooth line. For the classic trend uses natural wood, glass and metal as an addition. The modern version allows the use of artificial materials. Shiny surfaces and wavy lines in the interior remain unchanged.

Plaster or wallpaper with unobtrusive vegetal patterns is used to decorate the walls. The color should not be bright. 

The classic version provides for the use of natural materials, wooden kitchen set will be decorated with stained glass and unusual handles. In modern art nouveau it is difficult to stick to smooth lines, this is compensated by the table, chairs and interior details.

Curtains for classical style are selected from natural dense fabrics with vegetal patterns, the cut may be complicated. For modern art nouveau, straight curtains are suitable.

The accessories can reflect the main ideas of modernism. Round bowls, flowers in vases and unusual lighting will decorate the kitchen.

Mediterranean style

Has two main directions – Italian and Greek.

Italian style is filled with warm colors: gold, terracotta, olive. The Greek style is characterized by cool colors, white blue, lemon.

Depending on the direction, kitchen walls can be plastered in light or bright shades. Wallpaper is single-colored, has no patterns.

The floor in the Greek style is decorated with tiles of brick color. Italian style corresponds to a whitewashed board or tiles with patterns.

To decorate the interior use functional and simple furniture. The surface of the kitchen set may be lacquered or with an aged effect.

Curtains are not often used in the Mediterranean style. If desired, the windows will be decorated with Roman blinds of natural fabric.

The interior of the kitchen can be filled with many details. Potted flowers, colored vases and dishes with paintings.


What style of kitchen set to choose?

It’s important to understand that not all kitchen set styles are suitable for every room. Let’s talk about how to choose furniture and room design with your apartment in mind.

Style for a small kitchen

If you have a small apartment and a small kitchen, it imposes certain restrictions on the furniture used. So it is not recommended to take sets of complex forms, with a lot of decor. They will clutter up the space. It is necessary to give preference to products with a simple design. Suitable styles are minimalism, Scandinavian, sometimes – loft.

Optimally will look light facades, as they increase the space visually. It is better to hide the equipment, so it does not create unnecessary details. At the same time, it is necessary to organize enough space for storing things and cooking. Various sliding cabinets, shelves, built-in furniture will help. View ready sets for small kitchens here. Perhaps the available designs will give you some ideas for your apartment.

Style of headset and other items

Making repairs from scratch, you can choose almost any style of kitchen set by photo or directly in the store. But when you plan to simply replace the furniture, you have to take into account not only the size of the kitchen. Pay attention to the following points:

Color matching. Although the set takes up a lot of space, it is important that it does not stand out in style and combined with already purchased tables, chairs, appliances.

Free space. It is desirable that the headset occupy no more than one fifth of the whole room, otherwise it will seem to you that there is very little space.

The features of lighting. If the windows are small and the light is dim, it is not recommended to take a Provence or eco-style headset – they will look bad. Similarly, the Scandinavian style may seem too light and simple for southern lighting.

The overall style of all the rooms in the house. The kitchen should be an extension, a part of your home, not a life of its own. Only then will it be comfortable.

The style of the set and other parameters

Many people, buying a kitchen, forget that it is important not only the decor, but also functionality. For example, a large family will not suit minimalism, country or other style, where the table is replaced by a bar counter. And if you cook a lot, hidden behind the fronts of the appliances can be inconvenient.

You must also take into account your habits. Glass fronts and glossy surfaces require regular care, otherwise they will look dirty and untidy. The same goes for textiles. If you don’t have time to scrub cabinets, get ones that are easy to clean.

We talked about the different styles of kitchen sets and gave some tips on choosing the right products. We hope that they were useful to you. In conclusion – a short video that will help you to consciously approach the choice of kitchen design, to understand the principles by which things are combined, and to see interesting solutions for different interiors.

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