Kitchen with an island in modern style


Kitchens with an island are becoming more and more popular. Such a solution is increasingly chosen by homeowners, especially if the rooms in it have a large area. Let’s consider in more detail the features of the kitchen with an island, especially since it is suitable and for decorating in modern style.

Kitchen with an island – what is it

Kitchen island in interior design is an independently standing part of the set, occupying the central position in the room. The design is used in different ways and can have a variety of appearance, depending on the type of design. There are several options:

  • The simplest design is a round or rectangular table with chairs in the center of the room.
  • Transformers are no less interesting. The set consists of a tabletop with legs, the design slides or includes a number of composite elements.
  • For some areas of the kitchen room are equipped with a bar counter. The appearance of such an island design looks stylish and original. You can diversify it with different pictures, figurines, decoupage and other details.
  • For a classic island, one cabinet of considerable size or several side-by-side products without legs is suitable.

The top of the structure is most often equipped with niches. In the lower, hollow part is arranged a few additional drawers, which store kitchen utensils, food and more.

Popular kitchen with an island in the form of a tabletop – in the modern style install a table with the placement of the stove, sink, bar counter. Designs should be wide, around put high chairs. Important technical appliances should not be moved here. Sometimes it is recommended to install hobs on these countertops. This is explained by the convenience of cooking, when everything is at your fingertips.

In today’s environment, there are two types of island designs:

  • Stationary versions are mounted directly to the flooring. In this case, you can use the island area for full work, equipping it with kitchen appliances.
  • A mobile island is used for a large-sized kitchen, allows you to flexibly divide the room into several zones. If the design is boring, the design allows you to diversify the interior.

It is necessary to ensure that the island and the kitchen set have a seamless look. The design should be unified, harmonious. The product, made in one color, looks interesting.

Interior of the kitchen with an island in the modern style looks stylish and original in any room. For the arrangement of the design you need quite a lot of space, so in a small room use semi-island products, which are mounted next to the wall or a garniture.


For the manufacture of island kitchens use a variety of materials. The most popular:

  • Most often make an island product of wood. The advantage of the design becomes a medium price range with a small number of design solutions. Usually choose wooden products for the classic style or Provence.
  • Island furniture made of particleboard is no less in demand. It is inexpensive, and after the application of modern coating, the design becomes durable, serves without causing problems. There are many color solutions that will suit any kitchen design.
  • Variants of islands with a countertop made of artificial stone are expensive, but their appearance is striking for its respectability. If the surface has lost its attractive appearance, scuffs and scratches appeared on it, it can be corrected by painting.
  • Recently, stainless steel designs have become more and more popular. With all the positive aspects, there are a few negative points – on such a design stains remain, so you should wipe the surface dry.
  • In the manufacture of countertops also use glass. Small inserts are made of this material, which are suitable for decorating products made of wood, stone and other natural and artificial materials.

Often in the manufacture of the island a combination of materials is used. Combinations of metal and plastic, chipboard and plastic are interesting. Glass is suitable for each option.

When choosing a material, it is necessary to weigh everything carefully. It is important to consult with specialists, they will advise which product is better to buy.

Size and shape

The island layout is suitable for large kitchens, from 20 square meters. Usually choose a square-shaped product. From the furniture to the island should be left at least 1-1,2 m, so as not to block the passage and not to create difficulties in the use of appliances and drawers.

First you need to calculate what size island is suitable for each particular room. The average length of the construction is 180 cm, but there are options for larger sizes.

Kitchen design with an island looks attractive in modern style. The design can be any shape, especially interesting looks square, rectangular and semicircular working area.

Features of planning

The layout is important for the overall impression. For a square kitchen, a square product will do. If the room is elongated, it is a good idea to buy a rectangular island. Choose a design should be in accordance with the requests, taste preferences.


The purchase of a linear set promotes experimentation with the island form. The composition remains popular and interesting.

Attracts attention rounded table top, in addition, this option is safer. Interesting in appearance will be a design that resembles the shape of a month. The cost of such an island is slightly higher, but the appearance of the set will be stylish and fresh.


A corner kitchen with an island in an apartment, made in modern style, looks original. To make everything fit in size, preliminary calculations are necessary. Such a solution is characterized by elegance, harmonious appearance. The furniture is functional, it is convenient to use.

To highlight the zone, it is recommended to use different types of flooring. Under the island the floor can be tiled, and in the rest of the room to lay laminate. The combination looks stylish and beautiful.


Furniture, put in the form of the letter U, is massive, the island to it is not easy to pick up. Suitable design only for very spacious kitchen spaces.

Attention should be paid to the arrangement. The dining area is arranged on the island, and the main furniture is placed along the walls. Next to it set the sink, stove, household electrical appliances.


Kitchen with an island in different styles

Kitchen island is quite suitable for any interior. This design looks interesting, attracts attention. To get an interesting version of the performance, you must first carefully think through the project and choose a stylistic solution.


Classic remains in the trend and implies that the design should be symmetrical. It is characterized by the presence of the correct geometric shape. The island is well suited for a L-shaped headset.

The furniture is arranged rectangular. It is most often a bit pretentious, has a monumental appearance. Usually bulky wooden furniture and expensive natural materials are used in classics.

For a classic interior, a stone countertop will be ideal. If the stone is natural, the design will be heavy, it should be treated with care so as not to scratch the surface. Artificial stone is practical and easy to use.


When drawing up a design project in the loft style, it is recommended to put a bar counter in the center of the room. The tabletop can be made of wood, which has a pronounced texture. Inserts of metal look interesting. In this case, the design is characterized by minimalism, conciseness and beauty.

For loft, the use of separate expressive accent spots in the kitchen environment is suitable. Clarity in the observance of the proportions of the various elements, textured materials and color solutions is mandatory.


Provence is characterized by the use of various small details, decorative elements. In the room they put wooden furniture, mount open shelves and put beautiful textiles.

To decorate the room place small statuettes, cover the shelves with curtains of beautiful and durable fabrics. Proven├ža is characterized by whitewashed and aged furniture surfaces, carved decoupage. All this will emphasize the attractiveness of a set with an island.


This style is characterized by simple and maximum laconic forms, a combination of natural and artificial materials. The kitchen unit should be made in a modern style, closer to minimalism.

The most popular option is a white kitchen with an island in the modern style. It is especially attractive if the walls are finished in dark colors. In general, such a kitchen will look relevant and interesting.


The style has some resemblance to Provence. For cladding the island is used tiles or wood in pastel, as if faded colors. The island design with bright accents in the design looks beautiful.

On the tabletop and chairs, you can apply several multicolored patterns. The products will get a stylish look and will suit everyone.


High-tech is characterized by solidity, technology. Island construction in this style will look attractive in a large room. The peculiarity of the style is an abundance of acrylic fronts, steel elements and chrome parts.

Even more interesting will be a room equipped with modern cooking tops, neon or LED lighting. The interior will be emphasized by glass elements and fancy bar stools with a futuristic look.

Advantages and disadvantages of a kitchen with an island

Kitchens with an island design have a number of advantages. The most important of them are:

  • Stylish modern look. The room immediately looks beautiful, interesting. The possibility of dividing the room into zones. The island is often a working or dining area.
  • Multifunctionality of the kitchen with an island in the modern style, the photo of which already allows you to understand the attractiveness of the design, is an important advantage. Here you can cook food, receive guests, gather with friends and family members. In the niches under the work area you can store various appliances, kitchen utensils and much more.
  • There are also disadvantages of the island layout. The design takes up quite a lot of space, so it is most often suitable for a kitchen of considerable size. For an island you need to connect the communications, which leads to significant financial costs in the repair.

Kitchen with an island is a fairly popular solution. Many homeowners equip the construction in their apartment or country house, bringing a zest to the interior. You can make an island yourself, making a drawing in accordance with the size of the room. In this case, you get an exclusive version of the product, which will fit into the kitchen, even a small size.

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