Kitchen island with dining table, bar counter and storage system in a private home: design options in modern style

Kitchen island

When planning a kitchen set, the accents are made on its practicality, aesthetic appeal. Elegantly, stylishly and functionally looks kitchen with an island.

Kitchen with an island in a private house: features of placement

Traditionally, when modeling a private house, people try to allocate sufficient space for a kitchen set. A spacious room allows you to place an island in the kitchen. This is not so much a tribute to fashion, as an opportunity to functionally complement the furniture set. The kitchen is an active area of the house, where not only food is prepared. Often not only everyday meals, but also friendly gatherings take place in this room.

The basic requirements for the kitchen:

Convenience for use.

All elements must be subordinated to this principle, including the placement of appliances: refrigerator, cooking surface or oven, oven, sink, hood. The modern kitchen is filled with various appliances. There is a food processor, a mixer, a blender, a microwave, a toaster, and a lot of other appliances for quick cooking. It’s convenient to have all of these items “at your fingertips.” But the location of appliances requires space, reducing the area of the work surface. Kitchen island – an opportunity to solve this problem.

Ergonomic space.

Concludes primarily in the fact that the approach to the working area should be so free that you do not feel constrained, limited movement. The comfort of the location of furniture sets – an important consideration for designers when modeling the space.

The minimum distance for passages is 1 – 1.2 m. Between the main elements of appliances, what is called the “kitchen triangle or workbench”, it is desirable to keep a distance of 0.8 m to 1.4 m. The sink, stove (cooking surface), refrigerator try to install in one, easily accessible area. In this sense, a kitchen island is an additional opportunity to properly organize the space in terms of ergonomics. Access to it is open from all sides. The island is a universal system, where you can place almost any functional unit of the kitchen set.

Aesthetic appeal.

Kitchen is a place where the family spends quite a lot of time, it should be aesthetically attractive. In a pleasant environment, it is easy to work, pleasant to eat. A kitchen with an island is not only convenient, but also beautiful.

Virtually any kitchen set can be matched with a kitchen island.

Layout options:

  • a square or rectangle, located at a certain distance from the work area;
  • in the form of a letter “L”, “U”, the island on one side is contiguous with the work area, as if continuing it;
  • semi-circular kitchen island;
  • round;
  • transformer, islet on wheels.

The filling of the kitchen island depends on the conceptual design decision. Spacious rooms are ideal for the installation of the island. The minimum recommended area is 15-20 square meters.

Kitchen island with dining table

Such an arrangement is convenient in terms of service, when there is a dining table next to the working area. The size of the furniture, the shape depends on the square footage of the room. If space allows, you can allocate space for a full working table for 4-6 people.

In more cramped conditions connect to the kitchen island a small dining area for 2-3 people. Use small chairs, like bar stools.

Small room space dictates the use of transformers. An interesting solution – a retractable desktop. Its tabletop is located and slides out from under the space inside the island. As an option, a mobile dining table is used. An old, but convenient option is a table stool with a liftable tabletop.

The kitchen island can act as a dining table on its own. Underneath it are cabinets for storing utensils.

An island with a dining area needs additional lighting, the best for this purpose is a chandelier.

Kitchen island with bar counter

A common version of the kitchen with an island, equipped with a bar counter. This symbiosis is convenient for a quick lunch, buffet, aperitif, an opportunity to have a cup of coffee or tea. The island with a bar counter organically fits into the interior of any style, looks exquisite and elegant.

Similar elements of the kitchen set is often used for zoning the space in kitchen-studios. They seamlessly fit into a single ensemble with the living room, dining room.

Kitchen island with a bar consists of two parts. The bar is elevated to a height of about 1.1 m, the island at 0.8-0.85 m.

Possible additional equipment of the bar:

  • bar, chrome tube, which is attached to the ceiling and to the floor;
  • special holders for glasses and bottles;
  • Hangers (rails) with hooks for cups, mugs;
  • chrome shelves for fruit;
  • niches for liquor storage.

Bar stools chosen on the basis of the distance between them 0.7 m.

Illuminate the island of a separate installed chandelier, spot lighting over the bar area.

Kitchens with an island, combined with the living room

Kitchen island fits into the interior of the studio. Acts as a way of zoning. It serves as a transitional element between parts of the room.

The optimal variant is an island with a dining area, a bar counter. From these points it is possible to view the living room and watch TV.

The transitional element is a kitchen island, one side of which belongs to the working area of the kitchen. On the other side are open shelves – an element of the living room interior. Sofa, a soft corner, attached to the kitchen with an island, serves as a dividing line between the two zones.

The combined room is maintained in the same style and color palette. Sometimes, on the contrary, contrasting tones are used.

Table-island for the kitchen with a storage system

This is a functional part of the furniture ensemble. Especially when the working area is limited in the wall segment.

Types of kitchen islands with table:

  • dining table mounted on a cabinet with drawers, a cabinet for dishes, open shelves;
  • combination of the dining table with a work surface and a cabinet under the dishes;
  • combination of an island working zone and a dining table;
  • combination of a table and a bar counter;
  • mobile, extendable table with shelves for cutlery.

In the working area of the dining group can be additionally built in an oven or a cooking surface. This is technically complex unit, which requires prior preparation.

An island with elements of household appliances, sink

Installation in the kitchen island of appliances requires preparation at the stage of renovation, re-equipment of the kitchen.

An island with a cooking surface

According to the technical parameters to the gas utilities must be freely accessible. Therefore, the places where the pipe are equipped with removable revision windows. It is necessary to install over the hob hood. Its capacity is calculated by the cubic capacity of the room, this is especially important for studios. The appearance is selected under the stylistic design of the kitchen.

Types of exhaust devices for island kitchens:

  • Aspirative type of hood. Diverts air from the room, replacing it with new air. The intake and output is made through the laid ductwork. To do this, it must be hidden in the ceiling structures. It is not recommended to connect to the general ventilation, install a separate duct.
  • Recirculating type with filters. Draws in air masses, cleans through filters, returns back into the room. Advantage – no need for a separate duct, disadvantages – limited capacity, requires replacement of filters.
  • The combined type combines the two types described above.

On the market a wide range of household appliances are presented: from simple, inexpensive models to exclusive designer. Attention is drawn to the stylistic diversity of the model range, from classic, fireplace-type, to ultra-modern models in the form of pipes, glass products, composite.

Especially for kitchen islands developed hoods, which are mounted in the table and rise only at the time of cooking.

An island with a sink

It is quite convenient in terms of functionality. For example, when the kitchen island is connected to the dining area, or the wall area of the kitchen set is limited.

The main thing to pay attention to is the angle of slope of the drain (3cm per 1 meter). The floor in the kitchen area will have to be slightly raised. But this disadvantage can be transformed into an advantage. A small podium will serve as a method of additional zoning of the space.

An island for a small kitchen: peculiarities of placement

Even in a small space of 15-20 square meters it is rational to arrange a small kitchen island. For example, it can serve simultaneously as a dining table and work surface.

Suitable system-transformers, sliding table tops. Will need and additional useful space under the countertop of the island.

For a small room, a kitchen peninsula, which looks like a natural extension of the work area, is acceptable. As a rule, a peninsula in a small room is multifunctional. It can serve as a continuation of the work surface, simultaneously act as a bar counter, a dining table. 

Kitchen island

In a modern style.

High-tech, minimalism, fusion – design styles that are distinguished by the simplicity of geometric shapes, the absence of unnecessary details, the conciseness of content.

The main materials used for decoration: chrome, metallized surfaces, glass, plastic, composites. Equipped with kitchen fronts of different textures, without decorations. The island is decorated in a similar style.

A common technique for the interior of modern kitchens – “technical wall”, where most of the appliances are concentrated, excluding the cooking surface.

The color scheme is chosen individually, but light colors predominate.

Provence style

Unlike modern styles, Provence is a “soft” home style. Comfort, coziness, peace and quiet – the main mood of this direction of design. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to decorations and textile decoration of windows. The use of covers on chairs is appropriate.

The color scheme is light tones in combination with pastel shades of green and blue spectrum. Volumetric decor on the facades is allowed, but without pretentiousness. Artificially aged wood textures are welcome. For this purpose, use the technique of patination, craquelure (application of cracks to the paint).

Materials, details: wood; wicker baskets instead of drawers; ceramic tiles in the style of “Gzhel”; handles of cabinets like “copper”; chandeliers with lampshades.


Stylistics close to Provence. “Country” means rustic style, with elements of deliberate simplicity, slight coarseness.

The country style uses a broader range of colors. The wood prevails, the texture of bare bricks, stone savage, rattan (wicker furniture, details of this material) is appropriate. Complementing the interior textiles, chair covers, chairs.

In the style of country can be present ethnic coloring. This is a harmonious symbiosis of country style and national traditions.

The classic style

Classic remains popular regardless of fashion trends. This style symbolizes the stability of tradition, comfortable atmosphere of the interior. Kitchen fronts are complemented with relief textures, silver, gold patination. The dominant colors are white and beige, brown and coffee tones. Fits into the stylistics of the carved details of furniture. Painted wood textures predominate. The island part of the kitchen must comply with these traditions.

Loft style

Loft is an interesting syncretic design style. It combines opposite directions. Along with elements of urban modern style, it has elements of classical style, baroque, pop art in the details. Bare wall of masonry and elements of “techno” style can coexist with a flamboyant sofa upholstered in velvet fabric and a floor lamp in the classical style. But the main thing in this style is the space, which is divided into local zones. High ceilings, large windows – the characteristic features of this style.

Consequently, a kitchen with an island – it is not only an interesting layout solution, but also an important multifunctional unit that complements, transforms the space. Practical, convenient element of the kitchen set easily fits into different design styles, looks beautiful in the interior.

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