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The time in which we live is often called “the age of glass and concrete”. No wonder that glass furniture has firmly entered our lives and has become very popular. In this review, we will talk about the peculiarities of choosing glass dining tables for the kitchen and give a detailed description of the designs of popular models.

Advantages and disadvantages of glass dining tables for the kitchen

Glass furniture is very beautiful and harmonious fit into almost any style of interior thanks to the variety of shapes and variations of performance. Reflective and transparent surfaces look light and do not clutter the space of the room. However, products are valued not only for their aesthetic qualities. In terms of functionality they are not inferior to models made of other materials.

Products have high durability. They are made of different types of materials. The most durable and safe in operation is reinforced glass and triplex. Triplex has three layers, between which is glued a special film. It prevents splinters from scattering in the event of structural damage. In the manufacture of reinforced glass, a thin metal mesh is melted into it. To the naked eye, it is practically invisible, however, significantly increases the strength of the material.

In terms of environmental friendliness, glass furniture can be compared to products made of natural wood. In addition, it is not subject to rotting and does not create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. The disadvantages of kitchen tables made of glass can be attributed to some difficulties in care. Fingerprints and oil stains are clearly visible on the glossy surface. Glass is easily scratched, so treat it with care and use only mild detergents when cleaning. In addition, the product has a lot of weight, so moving it from place to place will be a problem.

Dining table modifications with glass

The design of the dining table provides the convenience of its future use. Each modification has certain design features, which we will discuss below.

Monolithic glass dining tables for the kitchen

The dimensions of monolithic models do not change. Therefore, choosing a monolithic tabletop, you should take into account the size of the area allocated for the dining area and the number of people who will use the table. Round glass dining table on one leg is great for a family of 2-3 people. If the house has a spacious dining room, it will look great with a spacious table that will comfortably accommodate a large family.

glass tables

Sliding glass kitchen table

As a rule, the glass sliding table comes in oval or rectangular shapes. Depending on the design, the sliding elements of the tabletop allow you to almost double the surface of the table. The details of the sliding mechanism are made of durable metal, so the product retains its strength characteristics when unfolded.

Sliding structures are very easy to use. When assembled, the product is compact and does not take up much space. And at the unfolded table you can arrange a holiday dinner and host guests.

Table-transformers and folding glass structures for the kitchen

If the sliding mechanism is able to increase the dining area to a maximum of two times, the folding products when disassembled can increase several times. Folding models we are well known under the name “book”. It should be noted that they are not often found in the version made of glass. The great weight of the tabletop requires particularly strong mounting details that will hold the plumb elements.

There are other types of folding structures made of glass. They are not as compact as “books”, but still allow you to significantly save space. The types of folding glass tables for the kitchen are shown in the photo below.

The essence of transformers is fundamentally different from folding and sliding modifications. Their design is aimed not only at increasing the area of the table top, but also to add functions. For example, for kitchens, combined with the living room, the ideal option would be a coffee table made of glass on short legs, transforming into a spacious dining surface. And hidden drawers inside some models will be a place to store cutlery, office supplies and other small items. You can learn more about some transformer models in the video below.

Dimensions and forms of tables for the kitchen with a glass top

Glass kitchen tables can be oval, round, square or rectangular in shape. There are also asymmetric models, but they are not mass-produced, but are made to order on an individual project. There are also different sizes of tables. The most popular are small sliding and folding models. The size of such products can be changed if necessary (hosting guests, festive dinner and so on).

Rectangular glass tables for the kitchen

The square and rectangular shape is relevant in the case when the product is planned to be installed in the corner of the room or attached to the wall. The classic form of the dining table is considered a rectangle. Its tabletop is spacious enough, which allows you to arrange several dishes.

A square monolithic design is suitable if the family consists of no more than 4 people. It is recommended to choose it for a small kitchen.

Oval and round glass tables for the kitchen

Round tables look very stylish and spectacular. However, they are impractical, in terms of the use of usable space. They cannot be pushed to the wall or installed in a corner. A round tabletop is not traumatic, as it has no sharp corners. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a round glass table in the kitchen for a family with small children. Oval models are very roomy and convenient for use by a large company, but take up too much space.

Features of the use of glass tables in design projects

In the arrangement of kitchens, designers often use designs made of glass. The transparent surface is neutral, so it easily fits into any interior. And the variety of designs allows you to make the dining table a stylish element of the arrangement.

The surface of the glass table for the kitchen can be made with a photo print, have a sandblasted pattern, be matte, colored or transparent. For the kitchen in the modern style a glossy table top with a floral ornament is suitable, in Provence the photo print depicting lavender fields will fit perfectly. For minimalist design trends the optimal option would be a strict countertop of subdued colors.

The frame of the construction can be made of different materials and have different forms. Models on metal legs are chosen for high-tech, loft and modern styles. A table with a glass top on a wooden base is suitable for ethnic styles. Classicist opulence is accentuated by the lacquered carved solid wood legs. Airy transparent table top looks very impressive on an elegant base with forged elements.

For designer items exclusive frames of different shapes are developed. Table tops are often framed in frames of different materials. The form of such tables may also differ from the usual rectangles and ovals. A significant disadvantage of designer tables, as well as any other furniture made to order, is their high cost.

Rules of operation of glass tables for the kitchen

Glass table will look stylish and sophisticated in the interior only in one case, if it is clean. Many homeowners abandon this piece of interior due to the difficulties in care. On the glossy surface is highly noticeable even small stains left by fingers or utensils. To prolong the life of the product and keep its attractive appearance for a long time, the tabletop should be wiped daily. Use a soft, streak-free cloth. As a cleaning agent, it is recommended to use special compositions for cleaning glasses.

During the meal, the tabletop can be covered with small napkins. This will protect the surface not only from stains, but also from scratches that can be caused by cutlery and utensils. Table tops are made of durable glass, but it is better to protect them from falling heavy objects.

What you need to know to buy a quality glass table in the kitchen

To choose a dining table for the kitchen should be taken responsibly, because this purchase will be quite expensive. The experts of our editorial board will help you to understand some important nuances, taking into account which you will be able to buy a quality and durable product.

Operating requirements

Choosing a table model for your kitchen, first of all, decide on the place of its position. This will significantly affect the shape and size of the product. In a small room, it is best to buy a sliding wall model. However, if your family has small children, it is better to refuse from sharp corners, because they can be dangerous.

The legs for the glass table should be made of durable materials that can withstand heavy loads. More practical in operation will be the tabletop of frosted glass, as it is less visible stains and stains. It is important that the cut of the tabletop should be qualitatively processed: sanded or framed with a protective material. The thickness of a durable countertop should not be less than 1 cm.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend that when buying a glass table, you pay attention to the certificates of conformity of the goods to international standards. The presence of such a document characterizes the manufacturer as a conscientious seller, who cares about the quality of his goods. Also we’d like to mention that unrealistically low price of the product is a sign of its improper quality. Such a model will cost you cheap, but will not last long.

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