Awesome kitchen designing


There are a large number of options for kitchen design. However, typical solutions, which are offered in many popular sources, have already been implemented in tens of thousands of apartments at least. Stand out for the owners is helped by the use of non-standard approaches.


The conversation about unusual kitchens is appropriate to begin with the fact that they are made not only for reasons of originality. The fact is that the typical layouts and layouts may not fit into the structure of the room itself. Not to mention the fact that this is often the only way to get closer to the embodiment of their plans. With a skilful approach will be able to implement the most unconventional solutions. From the very beginning, you should clearly choose an expressive and multifunctional or simple and laconic in appearance room.

If the owners are very fond of small details and souvenirs, you can add to the interior of any style of amendments at your discretion. But from the very beginning it is required to thoroughly think through the entire composition and agree on the smallest details. Making a concept involves taking into account:

  • personal wishes and tastes;
  • the latest fashion trends;
  • allotted budget.

Original variants of kitchen design can be created by playing up the entrance doorway. Instead of the usual doorways, arches are mostly used. If there is only one window in the kitchen, it is not appropriate to curtain it. The priority in an unusual environment should be given not to artificial, but natural lighting.


Atypical design of a small space

In a large kitchen, you can safely embody a variety of aesthetic solutions. But if the area is small, you will have to choose the composition much more carefully. Another thing is that even with a low ceiling you can arrange the space perfectly. To maximize space savings and at the same time for the greatest functionality of the room is to apply built-in furniture. Appliances may have the same design.

Free up space in a small dwelling helps mount ovens and microwaves on the walls. An interesting idea can be a principled rejection of refrigerators. This step will help to use the space more efficiently.

In a small kitchen, glass furniture is an appropriate choice. A table or similar chairs made from a transparent material look not only unconventional, but also looks more compact than other solutions. An alternative step is to use a minimum number of furniture pieces as roomy as possible. But overload the room, using a mass of modest-sized cabinets, shelves and chests of drawers, it is not advisable.

An unconventional step may be the rejection of the usual black and white and light compositions. Decorating space in the kitchen is made, for example, in pink tones. And when pink or other brightly colored furniture is unnecessarily radical or expressive, you can paint at least one of the walls in this tone. A creative kitchen can also be created by turning to old-fashioned motifs. In this case, it relies on ideas characteristic of country and vintage styles.

Authentic textiles and cheerful decor will add color. But you can also do otherwise – using tiles of unusual geometric shapes to enliven the environment. With the colors, by the way, is also worth “playing”. Very fresh and non-standard solution is often the coloring of the different levels of the kitchen in two pure colors.

To create an atypical interior is not necessary to carry out a major renovation or change the finishing materials. It is much easier to use skillfully selected decorative items and accents. Painted ceramics, brightly colored metal utensils will add chic and charm to even the most modest interiors.

The original step would be to use individually selected lighting fixtures. It is not necessary to give preference to spot versions, on the contrary – they have lost their original charm and do not look original. Much better choice turns out to be the use of suspended lights. It makes sense to look at the wallpaper. This finishing material, or rather its ability to transform space, is often underestimated.

And meanwhile, it is enough to wallpaper only one wall to make the room look bright and unusual. Designers are advised to choose vinyl or fleece wallpaper. They are much better than the paper ones correspond to the specifics of the kitchen room. Another possible way is to decorate the space of the kitchen in the spirit of a large cafe, for which are used:

  • Checkerboard tile flooring;
  • Shiny dishes shimmering in the sunlight or lamps;
  • Chairs or armchairs in eye-catching colors;
  • Curtains of loose fabric.

Another possible step is variations with the shape of furniture. This possibility is often underestimated, focusing on “playing” with the size of objects. Even the slightest deviation from the canon (for example, the use of open curved shelves) will help to diversify the interior. No less good choice sometimes turns out to be the use of artifacts from distant countries. Exotic souvenirs also solve the problem.

Show your originality is possible by decorating the kitchen in the African style. For this purpose:

  • choose a preferred range of colors (focusing on the coloring characteristic of the savanna, desert or jungle);
  • apply strictly natural materials;
  • achieve expressive roughness of the interior.

Beautiful Examples

To set out the general principles and suggestions for atypical kitchen design can be very long. But it will be much more interesting to see what design projects will deserve attention. For example, the combination of very dark and light yellow tones only seems like a bad idea. This photo clearly refutes such an opinion. In the interior, the light gray wood details are also used appropriately.

The curved table top on metal legs also looks nice and unusual. The orange tabletop adds to the beauty. The same surface accommodates the design elements, the sink, and the working chopping area. The light tile floor and large tile wall only add to the charm of the space. Both in the island area itself and by the far wall, local lighting was used wisely.

The combination of solid-colored light wood furniture and a very dark floor can create an equally attractive look. The sliding countertop is very practical. The work area is decorated with a light colored apron. It used several spotlights. Deer antlers are used as accessories.

And here the combination of light bottoms and dark tops was played up in a unique way. Even a relatively smooth transition of colors to each other is realized. The elegant light brown wood of which the fronts of the upper tier cabinets and bar counter are made, harmonizes perfectly with the white poured floor. A very dark wall with a wild stone texture is complemented by other natural accessories (including dried branches). Completing the composition are very tall chairs with shortened backs.

A bright and expressive solution is the use of a large landscape painting. Light facade unites stylistically with the same kind of floor. The brown countertop is duplicated in fact by the pedestal of the same color. Decorative plants look very nice. The light-colored walls look expressive.

And in this interior is used as the dominant blue paint. It is used both for the island cabinets and for the front of the wall pieces of furniture. A white countertop and a moderately dark kitchen stove do not look unnatural in this interior. The stained brown floor and light beam ceiling add charm. Additionally, several open shelves and a mosaic apron are used.

In this interior, only the refrigerator and countertop will be white. The light wood surface of the fronts looks very nice. The brick texture of the apron adds a nice touch. All the work surfaces are very smooth, which is achieved by using an induction hob. Along with the closed cabinets, several shelves are used. The middle part of the upper corner tier is painted in the original tone.

Even “curved” shaped furniture sets can now be made to order. The light green curved elements and white table tops and shelves will look imposing and exacting. The symmetrical arrangement of decorative items on the shelves adds visual comfort. Against this background, the dark gray floor at first even seems to be lost from sight. The island area in miniature reproduces the overall composition.

Interior in the style of high-tech can be decorated with just the balance of black and white colors. This combination is used both on the walls and on the ceiling (including in the area of fixtures). The main working area is placed near the window and is additionally equipped with overhead lighting. Metal chairs are fully consistent with the aesthetics of high-tech. You can safely take as a basis any of the described options, mix and match their components.

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