Kitchen tables with storage


The main requirements for kitchen furniture – practicality, ergonomics, comfort, convenience. Kitchen table with drawers solves several problems at once: it is a working surface or dining area, as well as a place to store kitchen utensils. It can be part of a furniture set, a freestanding dining table or a functional island.

Features and advantages of the table with drawers

Depending on its functionality, tables, complete with one or more drawers, are divided into types:

  1. The simplest option is a freestanding, mobile kitchen table with a drawer that can be used as a dining or work table.
  2. Table-transformer, which, if necessary, increases the area of the working surface.
  3. Table-cabinet. The design is a central unit equipped with a drawer, and two mobile parts that are lowered and raised if necessary.
  4. Kitchen table-bench with drawers, which can be a separate piece of furniture, or a built-in component of a set. In most cases, cabinets are equipped with two doors and drawers for storing dishes and are part of the kitchen set.

The average depth of the countertop is 60 cm and can vary within 10 cm. Too wide a surface makes it difficult to use hinged drawers or shelves. Such designs are chosen only as the basis for built-in appliances. A table with a tabletop that is too shallow has almost no free space for storing kitchen utensils. The most functional size of its surface is 60×70 or 70×70 cm.

Drawer system provides the kitchen with additional storage space for small items, kitchen utensils and textiles. They can have different guiding systems:

  • roller;
  • telescopic;
  • with automatic winding mechanism.

What material to choose a table from

Natural wood is an environmentally friendly and durable material. It is used to make most of the details of the table and only the bottoms of the drawers are made of plywood or plastic. Oak, ash, beech, birch and even pine are used as the material.

Veneered or laminated chipboard or MDF is the most budget-friendly option. At the same time, these wood materials allow you to make a fairly durable, functional and sturdy table with drawers.

High-quality MDF does not warp, is moisture- and heat-resistant, does not warp, does not swell under the influence of moisture, is not deformed, is not exposed to mechanical damage, is hygienic and easy to care for. Drawers in constructions made of this material will not warp, they do not sag the bottom, and the walls do not depart because of the failure of the fasteners. Particleboard in this case has inferior characteristics. In addition, the fasteners in it hold worse, so in intensive use, drawers can fall apart, and the bottom – sag.

The design is sometimes made of special tempered laminated glass, transparent or tinted. But despite the resistance of such material to humidity, temperature fluctuations and mechanical damage, intensive use of drawers made of glass is not desirable. In addition to the risk of damaging the material, opening and closing the cabinets will be accompanied by a characteristic ringing and grinding. Most often glass is used to create combined models with a glass top and wooden or metal frame and drawers.

Plastic tables are light and practical. Of great importance is the thickness and quality of the polymer. The walls and bottoms of drawers made too thin and plastic material can bend, sag, and crack.

Metal tables with drawers are used in professional kitchens and high-tech domestic spaces. In most cases, we are talking about stainless steel.

Planning the kitchen space

When choosing tables for the kitchen, you need to consider the number of people who will use the room, the purpose of the working surfaces, the need for a dining area, the presence of built-in appliances. It is important to consider factors such as the desired area of the work surface, the organization of the workplace, the required number of cabinets, drawers and shelves for storing kitchen utensils, tools, products.

Depending on the number of levels, the kitchen can be single-row or multi-row. Single-row placement of furniture is practiced in spacious rooms, where there is an opportunity to arrange enough furniture, create an island and zoning the space. In this case, use tables-benches, table-islands and other pieces of furniture with drawers and shelves.

Two- or three-row placement of furniture is practiced in kitchens of small size, pass-through rooms. Tables in this case – the working, the lowest zone, and hanging cabinets, shelves and mezzanine make up the second and sometimes the third row of storage area.

Depending on the way the furniture is placed in the space, the assembled kitchen set can be placed along one, two or three walls or create an island or peninsula. The working area, placed along the walls, necessarily includes a table-desk with drawers. The dining table is a freestanding element and can be equipped with 1-2 drawers, which is especially important for a small kitchen.

In the kitchen with enough useful space decorate stationary or mobile island. To do this, use the same elements that are used to form a peninsula or a full dining table with or without drawers.

Dining table with drawers

The simplest version of the dining table is a square or rectangular shape, straight leg with a drawer. Such a design often has 1 large or 2 small, arranged in the same horizontal, drawers to store cutlery and kitchen textiles. The table is equipped with wheels with the possibility of fixation for greater ergonomics and mobility.

Such furniture can have any shape and even be part of the window sill. It is possible to use a folding table. In this case, the tabletop is a hinged part of the cabinet with drawers that hold the dishes, and rests on one retired leg.

Even a large stationary dining table is equipped with small individual drawers for the number of seats or one end table for storing kitchen textiles.


Desk side table with drawers

Kitchen workbench tables with drawers make for a roomy kitchen. They can be floor-standing, on legs, narrow, wide. The main advantages of this type of furniture are as follows:

It is not only a storage space, but also a working surface.

Working table in the kitchen can be installed anywhere in the room, including use as a peninsula or island.

Drawers are combined with open and closed shelves, increasing the functionality of the design.

Convenience. High-quality drawers can be easily opened and closed.

The possibility of manufacturing according to individual sketches and measurements.

To use a cabinet as a dining table, choose a model that has free space under the tabletop for legs.

Floor cabinet with removable tabletop is an innovative version of multifunctional furniture. If necessary, a small cabinet can be transformed into a work or dining surface by simply installing a removable tabletop.

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